Ensuring Your Privacy in an Apartment

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Ensuring Your Privacy in an Apartment

24 November 2015
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With the growing trend towards apartment living in Australia, more and more of us are needing to adjust to living in close proximity to our neighbours, as well as viewing distance from nearby office towers and other apartment blocks. Here are some tips to maintain some privacy in your new apartment.

Light blocking blinds

Living in the city means that the noises and lights of the city can keep you awake all night long or wake you before you want to get up. Light blocking curtains block out light and muffle noise, allowing you to get your much needed beauty rest, as well as ensuring that any early starters next door don't glimpse you rising from bed, or binge watching your favourite show in your underwear.

Home window tinting

Having your windows tinted means that even if you want to leave the blinds open to see the view, people can't see into your apartment. This offers additional privacy as well as improving the energy efficiency of your apartment, so that the air conditioning can keep the place nice and cool in the warm summer months. The summer often seems more inviting when you can enjoy the blue sky from an air conditioned vantage point! For more info, contact a local professional.

Clever furniture placement

Organising your furniture so it sits a little further back from the windows can also help ensure that you are not in direct view of neighbours. As many people won't have a direct line of sight into your apartment so by placing the furniture a metre or two back you'll spend most of your time out of the view of anyone who has an angle view into your home. You can also try using movable privacy screen if you'd like to create an intimate space for a dinner without worrying about the neighbours checking out your friends.

Noise buffering

Hearing the ins and outs of the neighbour's arguments can make it feel like you have little privacy. You can manage this by direct sound insulation on the walls, as well as moving your furniture further back from the walls as well. Many people find a white noise machine can be useful to buffer surrounding noise as well.

The convenience of apartment living easily outweighs any loss of privacy. By making a few small tweaks to the apartment set up, and installing some easy privacy measures such as home window tinting, you'll soon forget that you have neighbours.