Factors Homeowners Should Consider Before Installing Skylights

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Factors Homeowners Should Consider Before Installing Skylights

26 January 2016
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Installing skylights is a superb way to improve your home's lighting, ventilation as well as its views of the sky. Here are some important points to deliberate on before you can decide on what types of skylights you should install on your home's roof.

Size of the unit

Skylights can take up a significant amount of your roof space, and the amount of space required will vary depending on what type of skylight you choose. Sure, you may find skylights that can easily fit the size of your roof rafters and trusses, but what if you want spacious skylights that will require you to cut the rafters or trusses?

Tubular skylights can be used on most space-restricted roofs because they are often designed to be smaller than most other types of skylights. They usually have roof-mounted light to optimize their natural lighting potential without the need for any size increment. If your roof can allow for installation of larger skylights that can serve as emergency exits, you should make sure they are installed a few feet from the floor for easy reach.


Given that breakage of skylight glazing can cause serious injury to people inside a home, safety is a key point of consideration when you are installing skylights. Make sure the space above your roof is clear of overhanging branches or tall adjacent structures, so that you can reduce the likelihood of damage in case objects fall from above. Installing skylights with tempered or laminated glass can increase impact resistance.

Quality of light

Maximizing on daylight will help keep your electricity bills down. However, skylights are not designed to offer the same light quality. Skylights with plastic glazing, for example, will allow most of the harmful ultraviolet rays into your home's interiors, causing your interior furnishings to lose color, while solar-tracking skylights can provide a consistent supply of quality sunlight throughout the day.

Mode of operation

Skylights may be operated manually using a chain, pole or crank. However, automated versions with pneumatic devices or electric motors are also sold on the market. Some automated units can even come with in-built moisture sensors that automatically close the skylights when it starts to rain.

Incorporating skylights requires a significant tear down of your roofing system as roofers will have to remove deteriorated materials to clear the way for installation of skylights. This can cost you lots of time and labor costs. An opportune time to integrate skylights into your roof structure is when you are reroofing the house.