Four Ideas for Repurposing Old Bifold Doors

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Four Ideas for Repurposing Old Bifold Doors

18 March 2016
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If you're removing some old bifold doors from your closet, you don't necessarily have to throw them out or give them away. Instead, you can repurpose them into something fun. Check out these ideas:

1. Accessory Organizer

Paint your old bi-fold doors a fun colour, and attach them to the wall in your bedroom, bathroom or walk-in closet. Then, turn them into an accessory organiser. Pound small nails into some of the slats on the doors, and hang necklaces, bracelets, belts and other small items from the nails. For larger items, add small hooks to your accessory organiser.

To store sunglasses, slip one temple through the slat of the door, and let the rest of the glasses hang there. This technique works for some earrings as well, and you can even slip the end of a tie through your door in this way.

2. Entryway Shelf

If you don't have a closet next to your front or back door, let your old bifold door meet some of your storage needs. Position a plank at a right degree angle to one of your bifold doors, and attach them together with metal brackets. To help you visualise, ultimately, the door will be hanging on your wall horizontally, and the board will form a shelf above it.

Once the two pieces are connected, paint them your favorite colour. Then, add hooks on the base on the bifold door under the shelf. Now, hang the finished product near your entryway. Hats, sunglasses, umbrellas and mittens can sit on the shelf, and you can hang coats and jumpers from the hooks.

3. Shabby Chic Room Partition

If you need to break up a great room into smaller sections, consider turning some old bifold doors into room dividers. Remove all the hardware from the closet doors. Then, to create a distressed shabby-chic look, melt some wax onto the door. Just dribble it onto the door from a long tapered candle.

Once the wax has dried, paint the door. When the paint dries, peel off the wax. Then, pop the doors up wherever you need a partition.

4. Headboard

Looking for a cool headboard? Simply place one or two upright bifold doors behind your bed, and you have an instant headboard. You can cut the doors as needed to create your desired height. You can also paint it if you like, and you can stabilise it by bolting it to your bedroom or mounting it onto your wall.