Residential Window Tinting: Various Types You Could Choose

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Residential Window Tinting: Various Types You Could Choose

8 November 2016
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If you are contemplating residential window tinting, you may find yourself overwhelmed by the assortment of films that are available to you. Instead of choosing window tints based on how cheap they are, you should instead factor in what your immediate needs are. This gives you the chance to opt for window films that will not only enhance the aesthetics of your windows but will be functional to your residence too. So what are some of the various types of window tints that you could choose from?

Sun-control tinting films

Natural light tends to be a premium for most homeowners. Nevertheless, too much sunlight can make the interior of your home uncomfortable with increased temperature. This, in turn, results in you having a higher dependency on your air conditioning, which will inevitably lead to a spike in your utility bills. If you would like to retain natural illumination but decrease the amount of radiant heat your home is exposed to, you should consider sun-control tinting films. Some of the pros of opting for these types of window tints include the following:

  • You get to regulate the temperature in your home

  • You prevent the premature fading of upholstery and carpeting caused by direct exposure to ultraviolet rays from the sun

  • You get to reduce the amount of glare in your home

Decorative tinting films

If you would like to enhance the attractiveness of your windows, then you could consider decorative films for your windows. These types of films come in an assortment of designs and styles to create the illusion of patterned glass panes on your windows. You can also find decorative films that would obstruct views into your home from the outside, without impeding on your sightlines to the outdoors. Some of the benefits that you can derive from decorative tinting films include:

  • They are an economical alternative when compared to etched glass panes

  • They provide you with a privacy solution for your windows without having to compromise on your home's natural lighting

  • They can be used for versatile applications such as on shower doors, glass cabinets and more to create a uniform style in your home

Safety tinting films

As the name suggests, these types of window films primarily function to secure your windows from accidents and breakage. In the event that your windows are exposed to high impact, the glass will not shatter into hazardous shards of glass. Instead, the broken glass is held in place by the film, which makes it safer to extract and replace.