Office Renovation Tips That Yield More Rental

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Office Renovation Tips That Yield More Rental

28 November 2016
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If you rent out an office space to business clients, then maximising the rental yield is what you should be looking to achieve. Part of what you can charge for rent comes down to the underlying market conditions, but you can always increase the amount potential renters will pay by maintaining your offices well and ensuring they are as desirable as possible to move into. If you have a void period between tenants, then take the opportunity to invest in your asset and conduct any repairs and renovations that might be needed. Look at some of the most important ones that will help you to achieve higher rental incomes when completed.

Focus on glazing

Plenty of offices in Australia are housed within purpose built developments, but this is not always the case, particularly in smaller towns. Sometimes old industrial units or warehouses have been converted to be used as offices. If so, then the amount of natural light that comes in may be inadequate. Even purpose designed offices that are older can suffer from poor light conditions. By installing double glazed windows you can make an office much more desirable. Increasing light is one thing, but double glazing can also prevent external noises from making a nuisance of themselves. Aluminium windows afford a modern, chic look which will also help to make your office block more attractive to would-be tenants.

Install false flooring

Modern businesses require a great deal of flexibility with their office space. This means being able to shift workstations around rapidly to accommodate extra staff or to set up temporary teams to handle project work. If desks are tied to power outlets and fixed data cabling positions, then this becomes impossible. With a false floor, under-floor wiring and floor boxes, everything that contemporary businesses need is at hand no matter what sort of office layout is used. What's more it can all be changed easily at a later date.

Consider climate control

Depending on where your office is in the country, overheating can be a serious problem. Many offices make do with some portable air-conditioning units only and, although these can be perfectly useful in smaller offices, they are not usually sufficient for larger, open plan offices. Simply put, upgraded climate control systems allow you to charge a premium for your office space. Tenants value it because they know that keeping their employees cool means that they are more productive over the course of a working day.