4 Best Tips for Homeowners When Buying Roller Shutters for Windows

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4 Best Tips for Homeowners When Buying Roller Shutters for Windows

13 September 2016
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Besides their aesthetic appeal, roller shutters, fitted over windows, offer safety and security among other functions. Shutters also protect your house from conditions such as extreme sunshine, heavy winds, and noise. When buying roller shutters to be installed over your windows, you should consider several aspects that can make the whole project last longer. You will have a range of options and designs to choose from, which can actually be a daunting task to a novice. This article offers some help to those planning to buy roller shutters.

Size of the Roller Shutters  -- One mistake that many homeowners make is buying roller shutters that exactly fit the extent of the window without giving some allowance just in case they don't fit right. Always measure the height and width of the window and provide for some allowance as this may be useful when installing the shutter. However, ensure that you do not purchase an oversized shutter, which can be visually unappealing. A professional who installs roller shutters can offer guidance and help to resize them to fit your windows.

Manually Operated or Motorized -- A motorized shutter is fashionable because of its simplicity in shutting or opening the curtain. However, ensure that the vendor tests it for you so that you can actually see the curtain move up and down before purchasing. Also, if the roller shutter has accessories like a remote control, make sure that it works properly. If you prefer a manually operated mechanism, the installer should fit the roller shutter to roll smoothly when raising or lowering the shutter. However, with a motorized functionality, you can interlink all window shutters so that they are controlled by one switch or remote control.    

Color -- Roller shutters can accentuate the aesthetics of your windows if you choose a color scheme that matches your surroundings. For simplicity, many homeowners prefer neutral colors that can suit any home. Black or white are conservative colors that can fit into any home design. However, if you are a savvy individual, explore different color options but never overdo it. Ultimately, your personal taste and preference will override any other factors.

Insulated Shutters -- Reduce the cost of heating and cooling your home by fitting your windows with insulated rolling shutters. Apart from indoor heat regulation, consider insulated shutters over your windows to reduce outdoor noise penetrating your home. These shutters can also minimize the noise getting out of your house. As a result, you will avoid conflict with your neighbors.