3 Ideas to Give Your East-Facing Employees a 'Sunny' Break

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3 Ideas to Give Your East-Facing Employees a 'Sunny' Break

20 October 2016
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You've probably had your employees complain about the harsh morning sunlight entering through your east-facing windows. The glaze and heat from the morning sun has the potential to dramatically reduce productivity because your workers are busy fending off sunlight instead of concentrating on their work. This guide brings you some ideas of how you can update your windows to prevent the sun from becoming a problem.

Switch To Timber Or uPVC Window Frames

Timber and un-plasticised polyvinyl chloride (uPVC) window frames are well known for their energy-efficient properties because they don't conduct heat. Wood and uPVC tend to hold on to heat instead of releasing it. This effectively means that the heat doesn't spread into the interiors of your office in the morning when employees are catching up on overnight emails. This is considerably different to aluminium frames, which can release heat into the room because aluminium is a good conductor of heat. This not only makes it more uncomfortable for employees every morning, but it also pushes up your office energy bills over time.

Opt For Double-Glazed Windows

Double-glazed windows are recognised for their superior energy efficiency and can reduce heat gain significantly when compared to their single-glazed counterparts in your office. If you have single-glazed windows, you can simply retrofit an additional glazed layer to protect your interiors from excessive sunlight and heat every morning. The double-glazing effect ensures that your employees remain comfortable when they first get to the office for maximum productivity. While double glazing is 25 percent more expensive than single glazing, you will also save 25 percent more on energy bills over the long haul, which is hugely beneficial for your bottom line.

Add A Tint Film

Running a business means that you have to find ways to optimise productivity. A window tint film is an excellent option to re-direct glaring sun away from employee desks and computers while they work. Strong window tints can block over 80 percent of the sun's energy by reflecting it away from your office windows, which reduces the heat and glare inside tremendously. This not only allows your employees to focus on their work without the glare of sunlight on computer screens, but it also reduces your overall air conditioning costs over time.

When you run an office, you'll want to do everything possible to heighten productivity. These ideas will give your employees a break from the harsh morning sunlight on east-facing windows.