Choosing Your Double Glazed Windows to Increase Energy Efficiency

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Choosing Your Double Glazed Windows to Increase Energy Efficiency

15 August 2018
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The decision to install double glazed windows often arises for a variety of reasons. Aside from the extra layers of protection they provide, they make your home more energy efficient. If you want to significantly lower your carbon footprint, there are certain features you should look for in your double glazed windows

Between each pane of glass, you'll find an insulating layer

It's easy to assume that double glazed windows enhance your home's energy efficiency because there's more than a single layer of glass. While having two layers is useful in itself, it's the pocket of air resting between them that works the real magic. Unlike glass alone, air struggles to conduct heat and transfer it to another environment. As a result, if your HVAC works hard to cool your house and the sun is shining, your property's temperature will rise slower than when you rely on single glazing. Additionally, although air usually transmits noise effortlessly, the presence of two glass panes will make life in your house quieter.

Choosing double glazing that features metal oxide reduces heat conduction further 

Although double glazed panes of glass come with lots of similar features, those that are the most superior feature an invisible layer of metal oxide. When manufacturers apply metal oxide to window panes they reduce the glass's ability to conduct heat. As such, double glazing features the substantial benefits from the air pocket and an invisible heat-reducing substance. So, when the sun blazes on the outside of your property your HVAC will benefit from the metal oxide that's stopping temperatures in your home from rocketing. Fortunately, manufacturers can apply the substance without reducing visibility through your windows, allowing you to enjoy natural light throughout the day.

Make your windows extra energy efficient by aiming for the right pane spacers

Although most people don't give much thought to the role of pane spacers, there's no reason why you shouldn't. As the name suggests, pane spacers are the small inserts that keep your windows' panes separate, allowing the energy-efficient pocket of air to float freely. In some cases, manufacturers use metal spacers, and as metal transfers heat with ease they have the potential to make your home warmer. While it may seem as though small devices won't make much of a difference, every time your HVAC strains to work harder your energy bills will increase. When shopping for windows, make inquiries about those featuring pane spacers with no or minimal metal.

With a few simple tricks, you'll find double glazed windows that lower your energy expenditure and improve your carbon footprint. If you do your research now, you can enjoy the cost-saving perks well into the future.