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How to Choose New Windows

Choosing new windows can take more time than you think. Not only do you have to choose the right type of window frame to suit your home, you also have to put some thought into choosing styles and types of glazing. Once you’ve made your mind up, you also have to find a company that can fit the right kind of windows for you at the best price. The more informed you are about your choices, the easier this process will be. I started this blog to bring together tips, information and advice on buying new windows that will hopefully help you make the right decision quickly and more effectively.

The Primary Benefits of Tinting Your Home Windows

18 November 2015
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You've most likely seen cars with tinted windows, right? It's probably one of the most common car customization procedures since it overhauls the looks of the vehicle while offering an added amount of privacy. But did you know that you could use the same technique to tint the windows of your house as well? Keep reading to find out the 3 most important advantages that you could benefit from by tinting your home's windows. Read More …